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Two Hoot Tygantik

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The Two Hoot Tygantik Concentrates Pen is a top pen for concentrates. It is available in 4 colours with double or triple coiled bowls and adjustable temperature settings.

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About Us


Awakened Dreamer

Awakened Dreamer will be Tygantiks second solo album and is scheduled to release on March 17th. 

The album holds a groovy, funkadellic, positive vibe, filled with heart felt stories on top of soul-full beats.


Rhyme with Reason

Rhyme with Reason is Tygantiks 1st solo album released in 2017. The album displays a new style of confessional hip hop, telling true stories with a street hustler mentality but a positive message. Tygantik creates uptempo verbal melodies that merge magically with his meaningful lines, the album echoes some of the most influential Artists and Producers of our time but still delivers new and fresh ideas and lyrical content.